As everyone’s personal preferences for styles and colors can vary widely, I do not offer framing services. Pairing a piece with the right frame is an art in and of itself and professional framers are best suited to assist you with a selection.

Whether acrylic, metal, or a traditional photo print, the materials I use all look beautiful framed.  Unlike a traditional photo print, acrylic and metal prints do not have to be framed. They come with a float mount rail that sets them off the wall approximately 1/4”.  I find the simplicity of frameless pieces to be stunning.

When I do frame acrylic or metal pieces, I prefer the look of floater frames. Floater frames give the piece the illusion of floating inside the picture frame without touching it, which creates an interesting visual detail and a sense of three-dimensional depth in the overall display. An example of a floater frame is pictured below.

FramingAn example of an acrylic glass piece mounted in a floater frame.